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November, 2016

Finley Library News – November
The Christmas season is fast approaching! We have pulled some Christmas books for you to read to get you in the mood. They’re in a special spot in the library. Ask the librarian if you don’t see them.
We’ve been the lucky recipients of some donations this past month.

Two by Two by Nicholas Sparks HC/RP   Some Nicholas Sparks fans will like this one…I didn’t! Read it and let us know your opinion. Russ has a perfect life; a great job, a beautiful wife and a young daughter. He soon finds himself without a job, his wife with a new job that takes her away for days, and he’s caring for his daughter while trying to get his life back on track. While reading this book, I felt anger, disbelief, compassion and suspense as to what would happen.

In a Dark, Dark Wood by Ruth Ware  PB/RP   I read Woman in Cabin 10 and had to read more by the author, so I bought her first book (this one) and thoroughly enjoyed it. It’s about a bachelorette party (called a hen party in this book) in a glass house on the top of a hill surrounded by thick, dark woods. Do you feel the eerie atmosphere? This is a twisty mystery.

Apprentice in Death by J D Robb HC/RP   People are being killed by a sniper who could be miles away. Detective Eve Dallas learns that some people are just born evil.

The Whistler by John Grisham HC/RP   A corrupt judge is about to be exposed. He’s been secretly involved in a Mafia financed casino built on Native American land – and is now getting a cut of sizeable amounts of money being skimmed from the casino. Someone wants to blow the whistle. That’s when the case is turned over to an investigator and the “fun” begins.

Escape Clause by John Sanford  HC/RP   A Virgil Flowers thriller. Set in Minneapolis, two tigers disappear from the Minnesota Zoo. Have they been stolen for valuable body parts? There’s a dual storyline. Virgil’s girlfriend, Frankie, has a sister who moves in with them. She’s researching migrant workers who don’t to be researched.
Beyond the Picket Fence by Lori Wick  HC/RP   There are 8 inspirational stories where small children, young men and women and older married couples are the heroes and heroines.

Smooth Operator by Stuart Wood HC/RP   Stone Barrington, former CIA agent calls in Teddy Fay, who already has a target on his back, to help find the Republican Speaker of the House’s daughter who has been kidnapped. Charles Blaine, Speaker of the House, must convince his allies in the House to vote a certain way on an important bill or his daughter will be killed.

The Wrong Side of Goodbye by Michael Connelly HC/RP  Harry Bosch, PI, is hired to find an heir to a dying, reclusive billionaire. At the same time, Harry volunteers at a police department to track down a serial rapist. One reviewer calls this book swift, unpredictable and thrilling. I picked up this book and could not put it down! It kept me guessing through the entire book. If you like a “whodunit”, you’ll love this one!
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