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February 18

How long has it been since you have checked out Finley Library?  There are so many ways to do so:  1) on Facebook  at Finley Public Library where you can catch up on the latest happens at the library; 2) on the Internet at where you can check to see if the library has the book you are looking for and all the books we have for a favorite author.  All the reviews from the Steele County Press are also available at the library website; 3) at Finley Motors waiting room where there are books to read/buy while you wait; and 4) at 302 Broadway on Thursdays from 6:30-8:00 PM and Fridays from 2:00-5:00 PM.  There is so much to choose from in this small--but well-stocked--library that you will be amazed!  Remember:  though the library doesn't have room for every title written, there is a wide variety of genres and authors. 

Finley Library is here in Finley through the good graces of the city and our readers and donors.  Without all three working together the library would be gone!  Do your part!  Support your local library as it has supported Finley and Steele County through the years!  Come in and check us out!

Here's a couple reviews:

Thicker than Water by Maggie Shayne.  (PB)  (2003) (Mordecai Young series #1)  The Young Believers' Compound was supposed to be a safe place for runaways and Jewel and her friend, Lizzie, needed such a place.  Then they realized what they had gotten themselves into when the leader, Mordecai Young, began to use them for sex slaves.  Lizzie had already fallen for Mordecai, however, and was pregnant with his child.  When the compound was surrounded and attacked by the DEA, Jewel managed to escape with Lizzie's baby, but only two others were saved.  Fast forward sixteen years.  Jewel is now Julie Jones, prominent and popular news anchor in Syracuse, NY, and  is raising "her daughter" Dawn.  There is a problem, however.  Julie is being black-mailed by someone who has discovered her secret.  When he is found dead, Julie knows she must find out what happened!  She is helped in this by her new anchor partner, Sean MacKenzie, who she really doesn't trust either.  There is lots of mystery and some romance with a surprising ending.  (Since this is a series about a bad guy, where is it all going?  There are two more books in the series.)

Legal Tender by Lisa Scottoline.  (PB)  (1996)  (Rosato and Associates series #2)  Bennie Rosato is a defense lawyer with her very own law practice partnered (in more than one way) with another lawyer, Mark Biscardi.  The law firm is doing very well and then Mark falls for Eve Eberlein, an associate in their firm, and everything begins to fall apart, especially for Bennie.  Then Mark is found dead and Bennie is the last known to have seen him alive.  Her arrest is eminent and so begins a romp around Philadelphia with Bennie posing as a lawyer from Washington, D. C., a homeless woman, a prostitute and play-acting her way into various lawyer offices, companies and the hospital to watch her mother receive shock therapy.  Never haven't read a book in this series, I was nicely surprised.  There is plenty of action, some humor, some romance--and a wild and wooly character that lets nothing stop her and stops for nothing.  This is a fun and fast read!


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