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June 19, 2015

We at Finley Public Library hope you had a good "Finley Days" week!  There was so much to do, maybe next year we should start on Wednesday!  

We again thank those of you that came by for Finley Library Open House and purchased books and/or donated to this worthy cause!  We just received two newly donated books by Jonathan Kellerman, both in large print (LP) and both in the Alex Delaware series that should be good.  Thanks!   With the dog days of summer upon us and millions of mosquitoes bugging us and ticks still busy trying to find another meal--not to mention the flies, it is the perfect time to find a good book and relax under the air conditioner!  Finley Library can certainly help you do that.  Come in and check us out!

Here's are three reviews:

The Reluctant Midwife by Patricia Harmon.  (HC/LP)  (Hope River series #2)  (2015)  You may remember that I recently reviewed The Midwife of Hope River.  It is the first in this series and this is the second.  Though not absolutely necessary, I am very glad I read them in order as it does give the reader a better understanding of the place, the people, their feelings and the situation.  If you have read #1 in the series, this book begins a few years later with Nurse Becky and Dr. Blum (though no longer able to doctor or do anything for himself) returning to Hope Valley and the town of Liberty, WV, thinking they will be able to live cheaply in his old office/home, but that is not to be.  When they find the house was sold for taxes, they have no place to go until Becky remembers Patience, the midwife, and know she will put them up in her little little house with the blue door.  When they arrive there, however, the house is empty and the yard is overgrown.  Since they have no place else to go, they stay there anyway.  The rest of the story chronicles how life plays out for Nurse Becky and Isaac Blum along with Patience, her husband, the depression, the drought and life.  I thoroughly enjoyed this book AND the series.  I am looking forward to the next one.  Be sure to read this one!
Terminal City by Linda Fairstein.  (HC/RP)  (Alexandra Cooper series #16)  (2014)  Once again author Fairstein has brought the reader another crime scene that tells all about one of the architectural treasures of New York city--Grand Central Terminal.  Notice it is called terminal and not station because no train goes further than that place.  Rather, the train is turned around at the round house and proceeds to its next destination.  I found all the information about this sixth most visited tourist place in the world(!) so much more interesting than the murder plot--even though it is a good one, but that is just me!  There is a ghastly plot about a schizophrenic man (who takes no meds) who hears voices and does their will.  He uses the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel and Grand Central as places to leave his murder victims, but I think his real victim is Grand Central, itself.  His father worked there years before and the murderer loved the place then and knew it completely.  Now, however, it is hard to tell, but it seems he is out to destroy the place--making it too scary to be there.  The reader follows Alex and Mike and Mercer as they look for clues as to the murderer's whereabouts in the sixteen stories BELOW the ground and the many stories above ground.  What a ride!  This book is not to be missed!
On Call: A Doctor's Days and Nights in Residency by Emily R. Transue, M.D.  (PB)  (NF) (2004)   A doctor's schooling really begins when they they enter their year of internship which is followed by three years of residency.  The year of internship is intense--mostly working thirty-six hours straight, but interns always have their attending residents to turn to for help.  Still, this is the year they get to finesse their bedside manners since they spend all their time with "their" patients.  Moving into residency years 2, 3 and 4 is different, but equally important because in these years the doctors learn to trust themselves--trust their decisions, trust their abilities and trust that they can do this.  Very interesting TRUE story about understanding what your job IS  and ISN'T and it may shine an entirely new light on your opinion of your own doctor!

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