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April 10, 2015

Warmest thanks to those of you that took part the last two weeks in our Finley Library book sale being held at the Citizen's State Bank building this month!  We have sold quite a few books and received extra donations as well.  Please continue to come in and check it out as we are adding new books--including children's--every few days.    
Another way to donate to your Finley Library is through donations given to celebrate someone's birthday or anniversary or to honor someone who may have passed away.  We have many names from the past on our "Honor Wall" and are adding names as we receive dedicated donations of $50 or more.

Do you know that many of these articles are now on Finley Library's web-site at  ?  You can go there and read passed reviews for the last two years, which should be helpful if you don't keep your Press or forget like many of us.  In a few weeks we will have all of these articles there for you to review.  We hope that this will add to your use of some of our  books that we have had a few years which you may have missed when they first arrived.
I also wanted to remind you that we have received nearly 100 new large print (LP) books from the North Dakota State Library (NDSL) and you are missing out if you don't come in and check us out!  Please do!

Here's a couple reviews of two of our just purchased large print (LP) books:

Crash & Burn by Lisa Gardner.  (HC/LP)  (Tessa Leoni series #3)  (2015)  If you read Love You More (PB) (2011), the first in this series by Lisa Gardner,  you will remember that Tessa Leoni is the ex-highway patrol officer that shot her husband who had been beating her and their little daughter.  The case has never been brought to trial, but Tessa is fearful that it will be.  Meanwhile, she is working for an investigative company and falling in love with a detective sergeant in a small town in New Hampshire.  In this book they are working together to solve the case of a woman, Nicole Frank, who was in an automobile accident and who sustained a concussion--her third in three months--they find.  She keeps asking the authorities to find "Vero," which everyone assumes is her daughter.  However, there is no sign of Vero at the accident or anywhere else.  Then fingerprints at the scene prove this woman is herself, Vero, which complicates the investigation even more.  As you read on the author begins to fill in the back story on Vero/Nicky and we see the terrible results of a young girl brought into the world of sexual trafficking.  This is a spine-tingling book that keeps you wondering until the last pages!

Flesh & Blood by Patricia Cornwell.  (HC/LP)  (Kay Scarpetta series #22)  (2014)  Having not read a Scarpetta novel for quite some time, it took me while to "catch up" with all the changes in her life.  If you are a regular reader of this series you may realize long before I did who the "bad guy" is, but that is alright either way because the story is first-rate, full of action in the air, in cyber-space and in the field of the medical examiner.  Cornwell can certainly keep the reader interested--wanting to turn the pages and go on for further clues and action.  Here a man is shot carrying in his groceries, but things don't make sense about how he was shot or even why.  Then, however, other passed killing begin to make more sense as Scarpetta, her team and her FBI husband investigate the crimes and the they realize that all these passed killings and the ones happening now are connected and all connected to the same person--a crack shot who can put a bullet in a person's neck at just the right spot to sever the spinal cord from a distance of over 1000 yards!  That is ten football fields!  Cornwell takes Scarpetta out of the office and into the field learning about this kind of long-range high-powered shooting and the reader goes along for the ride!  Entertaining and very NOW!

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