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March 15, 2015


The library is happy to announce that you will now be able to get this article (and previous articles as well) on the library web-site at  !  We continue trying to enhance the library experience for those of you that enjoy reading a BOOK, even though we understand that some of you are either unable to get to the library or have found the e-book experience to be better for you.   However, we hope that having the book reviews on line will be a good thing for most of you--those that have  other methods of getting reading material and those that come into the library.  Check it out;  see what you think.  And check out the library as well.  Hours are 6:30-8:00 pm on Thursdays and 2:00-5:00 pm on Fridays.  There is also a contact us area on the web-site if you have a question or request.

Here's a couple reviews:

Judgment Call by J. A. Jance.  (HC/RP)  (Joanna Brady series #15)  (2012)  This is a busy week in Bisbee, Arizona.  The town is hosting a large art show with a gala on Saturday night.  Before that happens, however, the school principal is shot and her photo  is spread all over the internet.  Then, not only is there a problem finding the killer, but also finding out who the principal really is because she certainly isn't the person she said she was when she was hired seven years earlier!  As the story progresses, the reader will see Joanna Brady find there is so much more to the murder, and she will begin to realize that passed "accidents" over the years may not have been "accidental."  What she decides to do in both situations may surprise you, but it will certainly keep you turning pages to read "just another chapter!"  Joanna Brady is a likable heroine, a good sheriff and a terrific read!  Have fun!

Without Consent by Frances Fyfield.  (HC/LP)  (NDSL books)  (Helen West series #6)  (1996)  Set in England, Helen West is a prosecutor.  Her lover and intended husband is Superintendent  George Bailey.  His best friend is Deputy Superintendent Ryan, who just happens to be the prime suspect in a string of "rapes" and murders.  In England when a rape occurs there are special laws that determine whether a rape is actually a rape by law.  These laws are quoted in part at the beginning of each chapter.  Perhaps the reader will see why so many rapes go unreported as the laws are--for a person with little or no knowledge of them--difficult to understand, and biased toward the perpetrator rather than the victim--in my opinion.  To complicate things the "rapist" seems to be in the game more for the murder than the "rape" and the "victims" don't always feel like they are victims because they are not killed right away after the "rape".  I know this is a complicated review, but the theme is also very complicated and not easy to follow at first.  In the end they get their man, but not in the way the reader might expect--I sure didn't.

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