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December 09, 2014

Thanks to those of you who have been donating nearly new books to the library.  Remember that we need fiction books more than anything else because that is mostly what our readers check out.  Though other types of books are nice to have, we are at the point now in the library that we are running out of space.  So-o-o, the ones that will go are the ones that have been checked out least.  Our most popular books are large print and those we are able to buy only through monetary donations given to the library by our readers and patrons whom we thank profusely.  Remember that you, too, can be a donor by honoring someone at Christmas or on their birthday with a donation to Finley Public Library.  It's MY favorite gift!
Here's a couple reviews:

Partner in Crime by J. A. Jance.  (HC/RP)  (Joanna Brady series #10)  (J. P. Beaumont series #16)  A murder victim in Bisbee, AZ, has Washington state ties, so J. P. Beaumont is sent to Bisbee to "watchdog" for the State of Washington.  After getting off on the wrong foot with Joanna Brady, it takes some good police procedures to get back in her good graces.  However, with some elements in town wanting Brady out as Sheriff, both Beaumont and Brady have to be careful what they say and do until the murderer is caught.  The first victim was in Federal Witness Protection and  Beaumont wonders if someone in Seattle's higher ranks is leaking information to the people from whom she was being protected.  However, when there is quickly another murder Brady and Beaumont wonder if it is it connected or if it is a subterfuge to throw them off the trail of the killer.  If you are familiar with the J.P. Beaumont series you may remember that his second wife (now dead) was originally from Bisbee, so he has some ghosts to put to rest there as well.  Interesting story that kept my attention...
Crossfire by Dick and Felix Francis.  (HC/RP)  This book was the last that Dick Francis may have worked on before his death in 2010.  His previous several books were in fact written with his son, Felix and Felix has taken over the writing and done an admirable job.  As is sometimes the case in Francis books, this book's hero, Tom Forsyth, is a loner who never had much of a relationship with his oft-married mother who runs a racehorse training stable with an iron hand.  At seventeen Forsyth left home and joined the royal Army.  In the following years he was sent to Iraq, Bosnia, Kosovo and then Afghanistan where he lost his right foot from an IED explosion.  After six months in the hospital he was released.  Though Tom was not comfortable about going to his mother's home, he also felt he wanted to go "home" and that was the only home he knew.  Overhearing arguments between his mother and his step-father, he learned that they were being black-mailed AND then, that they had invested in a hedge fund that was bogus and had lost nearly one million American dollars.  Plus they had been led astray by an unscrupulous accountant that had them discontinue their tax payments!   It is a good thing Forsyth had years of military experience, because in this story the hero certainly needs it!  Another great story in the Francis genre.
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