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July 14, 2014

This "summer" is going fast!!!  Won't be long until everyone is locking their cars for fear of being left lots of zucchini!  Potholes are being fixed and the ditches are being mowed.  It is a busy time of year!  So what do you do when you want to relax after a hard day of work around the yard/house/garden/fields or job?  Remember Finley Library has lots of good "Summer Reads" to relax with in the evenings when there is nothing on TV except reruns.  Also if you are hauling grain to the elevator, we have several good audio books that you can put on and then you don't have to find someone else to talk to on the phone!  Come in and check us out!

Finley Library will be donating the paperback books left from our June book sale to the Salvation Army to go to homeless vets in and around the Grand Forks area.  That will not only help them, but will make the best use of the paperbacks that were donated to us by you that we already had.  After talking to Doris Lebby with the Salvation Army, she said that reading is popular with the vets and books will be a real plus in helping them out.  It is a win/win situation!  So, keep those book donations coming in, folks--remember, newer books, gently used and if we have them we have found someone else who will benefit.  Thank you!

Here's a couple reviews:
The Prodigal Daughter by Jeffery Archer.  (HC/LP) (NDSL books)  Florentyna Rosnovski decided at the age of eleven that she wanted to be the President of the United States.  Her father was a first generation Polish immigrant that lived the "American Dream" by founding a chain of--in time--international hotels.  Florentyna is an intelligent, independent woman that spends her life with that dream always in her mind.  She finds politics to be quite an area of broken promises to voters and  "dirty deals" all around.  She becomes known for keeping her word and seeing the best routes to problems that need to be solved.  As you read this you may think that it reads like a "Cinderella Story"--I did--but the ending is rather surprising.  This was a great book to read before going to bed--always had happy dreams!!
Family Money by Nina Bawden.  (HC/LP) NDSL books)  This is a very British story about a lady who sees someone being beaten by three men after an auto accident (and he later dies) and is then hit in the head herself by one of the men.  She develops amnesia from the blow and is slow to regain her memory of the incident.  Meanwhile, her children are thinking about the idea that she (Fanny Pye) is growing older and really should be moving out of the wonderful home she lives in and either moving in with one of them or into a smaller place close by them and they getting control of the family money.  This is not something Fanny wants, however, and tries to keep such a thing from happening at every turn!  She is also regaining some memory of the accident/assault and thinks that one of the men is a fellow that lives behind her on a boat on the Thames River!  This is more of a "slice of life" story where little is resolved, but you get to see into the lives/characters of Fanny, her family, and the folks that live around her.  Conversely, you get to "guess" at what happens after the book ends--and it probably isn't good.

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