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June 03, 2014


Next week is  Finley Days!!!  Probably every organization in town has been gearing up  to have some sort of special function to be happening during the Finley Days  week and Finley Public Library is no different!  Be sure to stop in and  help Finley Public Library celebrate 25 years in our  present location at  302 Broadway and congratulate Joyce Jerstad on her 25 years of service as part  of the Finley Library Board.  The library is a better place because of  her years of service and I know we all want to thank her for that!  We  will also have a Book Sale as we have had for the last two years--paperbacks  will be $1 a bag and hardcover books will be $.50 each.  This sale is a  money-raiser for the library to help us to buy new large print books, so we  appreciate any purchases!  The Open House and Book Sale will be from  2-4 P.M. on Thursday, June 12, 2014.  There will be refreshments and  a chance to visit with Joyce, plus you can get a guided tour of the library or  just look around at your own pace.  There are maps to help show you where  certain types of books are located.  We are looking forward to seeing  you!
There was no winner for the Trivia question of which book  has the opening line of "Call me ishmael."   The answer, of course,  is Moby Dick.  Last week was our last Trivia  question for this year and it  concerned the two main  characters in Gone with the Wind. I have received no calls even  though I did correctly enter my phone number in this article!  Maybe  there will be a winner on Facebook!  Remember when you come to the Open  House you will have the chance to guess the number of books in Finley Library  and it will be a big surprise!  We had another new reader the other night  and they were certainly surprised and pleased at the book selection--including  so many up-to-date titles!  You really do need to check us  out!
Here's a couple reviews:

The First  48 by Tim Green.  (HC/RP)  Tom Redmon's daughter, Jane, an  investigative reporter, is missing.  As an ex-cop Redmon knows that the  first 48 hours after a crime are the most important--when clues are fresh and  people's memories haven't faded.  However, Redmon was a cop and a  lawyer, but now he is neither a cop or much of a lawyer, taking two-bit cases  that barely pay the bills.  The reason is Michael Gleason--now a U.S.  Senator.  Jane was working on a corruption case involving Gleason when  she disappeared, so the first person Redmon and his computer whiz buddy, Mike  Tubbs, want to see is Gleason.  Lots of action including threats (and  some follow-throughs) of torture and killing.  These folks are playing  for keeps and both sides are playing outside the law!
The  27-ingredient Chili Con Carne Murders by Nancy Pickard.  (HC/LP)   (NDSL books)  (Eugenia Potter series #4)  Eugenia Potter  quickly flew to her ranch in Arizona after receiving an urgent phone call from  her ranch foreman.  He had set up a meeting with all the owners of  adjacent ranches which sounded very important to him and, therefore, to her.   When she arrives, there is no one to pick her up at the airport.   The mystery evolved from there--involving missing cattle and mysterious  goings-on with the neighbors--some of which were not very helpful or  forth-coming.  Eugenia Potter is the main character in three previous  novels written by Virginia Rich.  This one was written from her notes and  outlines after her death in 1985 by Nancy Pickard.  There are recipes  that sound scrumptious at the front of the book.  This would be  considered a "cozy mystery"--great for those that like mysteries, but not so  much violence.  

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