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January 20, 2014

I must say it is good to be back in North Dakota though many would wonder if I was woozy from all the warm California weather!   What have you all been up to doing?  I know there has been lots of cold weather--sometimes even inside.  Those that braved the library last Friday had no intent on staying very long since the heat was not working.  The librarian said that the temps inside got down to 47 degrees.  Luckily for us--"just in a day's work" for them, George, one of our "go-to-guys," for library problems was able to get Jerry Foss from Otter Tail Electric there,  and working together they found the problem outside.  The whole thing was fixed in less than three hours, thanks to the rapid response of everyone involved.  You guys are our heroes!  THANK YOU!

Here's a couple reviews:

Silent Wishes by Fiona Hood-Stewart.  (PB)  Sylvia Hanson is the CEO of Harcourts, International, in New York City, and doing well for her company and herself.  Then someone steals the years' home décor line from Harcourts.  Because the incident seems to have happened  in the London office, she goes there to check things out and decide what to do about it.  Jeremy Warmouth is the head of European operations for the company and they do not see eye to eye on most issues.  However, coming to grips with the stolen décor line seems to lessen their antagonism toward each other as it also changes the way everyone thinks about each other and the company.  But, another company decides it wants to "play hardball" and then no one is safe.  This is a romance book with a mystery thrown in for good measure.  Though I thought there might be more bout the home décor industry in the book, I was not disappointed with the rest of the story at all.  The reader will be surprised at the way things work out in some ways; not so much in others. 

Guilty as Sin by Tami Hoag.  (PB)  Set in Minnesota, this book tells the tale of a psychopath and his wannabe "assistant," and of prosecutor, Ellen North, who thought she had left high profile cases behind when she left Minneapolis and moved to a small town nearby.  The man behind the crimes has moved around playing his "game" of kidnap and murder.  He likes to keep the law and their attorneys on edge by knowing more about them than they know about him and knowing their weak spots. A hot shot lawyer comes to town to "save" the psychopath from conviction, not caring that the man might be guilty or that he had committed similar crimes before.  Guilty as Sin is a cat and mouse tale of criminals and the law with a few scenes of romantic interludes thrown in for good measure.  Having never read Tami Hoag before, I was pleasantly surprised with her work.

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