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December 02, 2013

All of us at Finley Library hope you had a great Thanksgiving with lots of fun food and fellowship with your family and friends!  Also, we hope that you will be taking some time to stop by the Library and check out some of the new books (or the older ones) that are on the shelves there.  And be sure to 'Like us' on Face Book at Finley Public Library.

Here's a couple reviews:

Home Free by Elizabeth Forsythe Hailey. (PB) On Christmas Eve Kate Hart's husband (a movie director) comes home from location after being away three months and tells her their marriage is finished, that she may have the house, and not to tell their adopted daughter that he is leaving for another woman.   While he goes to the airport to pick up their daughter, an old car breaks down in front of their home.  Kate goes to see if she can help.  The man, Ford,  and his dog are brought into her home.  After he tells her that he and his family have been living in their car, that his wife and family are now in a shelter for battered women--the only free place he could find for them to get in from the cold--Kate calls AAA to to come and tow the car to a mechanic, gives Ford all her husband's gifts from under the tree plus presents for all his family, and the entire turkey dinner she has prepared for her family!  He takes the items to his family in Kate's car, while she waits for her daughter and husband.  On Christmas Day after her husband and daughter leave, Ford's family comes to thank Kate.  Read this book to find out how good can come from all the bad Kate saw on Christmas Eve.

A Perfect Crime by Peter Abrahams.  (HC/LP) (NDSL)  When Roger Cullingwood realized his wife was having an affair, he applied his very astute mind (IQ 181) to the problem and came up with what he felt was the perfect way to have his wife killed and he not be charged with the crime.  But then the plot thickened!  When first beginning this book, I wondered if it would be worth my time (Roger is a very unlikable person), but I kept going and there were so many twists that it became very intriguing.  Here is a bit of a warning:  DO NOT READ THE LAST CHAPTER FIRST OR CHECK HOW MANY PAGES!!!  (446)  You may find that you--like I did-- have taken away all the suspense!  Otherwise, this is a very good read.

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